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   We believe that individuals who have served time in prison and paid their debt to society for a past transgression deserve every opportunity to still be successful in life.  The likelihood of success begins with having a secure and comfortable place to call "home" upon being released from incarceration.

     Many landlords are reluctant to lease property to individuals who have been convicted of a felony and for those who do, the premises are often less than desirable.  Green Valley Ranch Transitional Housing provides upscale, contemporary housing in a community living environment.  Our modern homes offer multiple bedrooms that we lease individually on an as-needed basis. Residents are provided with a fully furnished bedroom, including a bed, dresser, nightstand, bedding, towels, and have access to the common areas of the homes, including the kitchen, dining area, and family room, which are also fully furnished.  A washer and dryer are also available for all residents' use, free of charge.  

     In addition, we do not start charging rent until an individual actually moves into one of our homes.  Initially, residents are given the option of signing a 6-month or 12-month lease.  If a resident needs more time to find independent housing after than period, we give the option of renting month-to-month.  However, since this is transitional housing and our services are in high demand, we do expect that residents will find independent housing within 6-12 months of moving in so that we may assist other incarcerated individuals who are seeking housing.     

     Furthermore, we charge a flat rental fee for each month without any hidden or fluctuating charges.  There are no application or processing fees like many other property managers charge.  A resident's monthly rental payment includes all utilities.  We also assist in transporting individuals from their facilities to one of our homes, and we provide information on employment opportunities and other assistance to ensure that residents are successful in their transition back into the community.

      The success of rehabilitated individuals depends on many things, one of which is their living environment.  At Green Valley Ranch Transitional Housing, our goal is to provide secure and comfortable housing to those individuals transitioning from the correctional environment to the community in order to increase the likelihood of success and reintegration into society. 

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