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     Because our homes are highly sought after, and the demand for our rooms greatly exceeds the number we have available, we rarely have vacancies lasting more than a couple of days.  Therefore, we encourage individuals, or members of their support system, to submit a completed Rental Application for consideration well in advance of an anticipated release date.  We typically (but not always) require a referral from an individual known to us with a recommendation for acceptance of an applicant.  We also require that an applicant be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be considered for acceptance, including booster vaccinations.  Many factors go into determining whether or not an applicant is accepted, including the applicant's current and past offenses, type of sentence the applicant is serving (determinate vs. indeterminate), ability to pay monthly rent, employment prospects, outside support, etc.

     Upon acceptance of an applicant, we require a security deposit equal to one months' rent, plus the first month's rent to hold the room until the individual is released from incarceration.  If the individual is being released from CDOC, we typically coordinate with the local parole office and make arrangements to pick up the individual from the parole office if transportation to one of our homes is needed.  If the individual is being released from a community corrections program, we provide transportation from the facility to our homes on the release date.

     Each home consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms on three levels.  The main level has the kitchen, the family room and a bathroom.  The primary bedroom is located on the second level and has an attached bathroom exclusive to that bedroom.  Two additional bedrooms and a bathroom shared by those bedrooms are also located on the second level, along with the laundry room. On the third level are two additional bedrooms and another shared bathroom.  Each home has a two-car garage and parking is available inside for those with a vehicle, based on seniority of living in the home.  Each home also has two refrigerators; the main refrigerator in the kitchen, and a second refrigerator in the garage.  All cooking and eating accessories, e.g. pots & pans, plates, utensils, etc. are all provided for use by all residents.    

     The security deposit and rent for the first month must be paid on or before the first date of occupancy.  Rental rates are $950/month for a bedroom sharing a bathroom with one other resident and $1,050/month for the primary bedroom with a private bathroom.  Monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month and is picked up at the homes on that day each month.  We also offer electronic payment methods such as Cash App®, Venmo®, and Zelle® for your added convenience.  A late fee of $50 is added if rent is not received by the 7th day of the month.  

     Because our homes are fully furnished, we do not allow additional furniture or furnishings to be brought into our homes. However, we will consider special requests on an individual basis.  We do not wish to impose an abundance of rules on our residents, but simply ask individuals living in one of our homes to be respectful of others, and of our properties by keeping them neat and clean.   

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