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Seeing the need for a stepping-stone between prison and community reintegration for incarcerated individuals, Janet Hunsaker​ co-founded Green Valley Ranch Transitional Housing with her son, Billy.   Having been involved in advocacy work for incarcerated individuals for many years, she developed the concept of providing affordable, upscale housing to those being released from the correctional system in an effort to increase the likelihood of success for those individuals.  Her empathy and compassion is what drives her to go the extra mile to help others, providing assistance in any way possible.  


Believing that incarcerated individuals are much more likely to succeed if they are provided with a stable and comfortable place to live, Billy Hunsaker​ co-founded Green Valley Ranch Transitional Housing with his mother, Janet.  With a vision that those who have paid their debt to society for a past transgression deserve every opportunity to succeed in life, he developed a unique rental program that focuses on the needs of residents, rather than on profits from rental property.  By keeping rental rates reasonable, residents are able to save more money and transition to permanent housing easier, creating additional opportunities, and thus, furthering their likelihood of success.

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